Once you have purchased your defibrillator for your workplace, home, sports club or other venue, and have set it up ready to use – what next? While being relatively low-maintenance they do need a little help ensuring that they are rescue-ready in the event that you need them.


Where will you keep your AED? You may want to keep it in a reception area, in a location where it may be used more, perhaps in a purpose-built cabinet. We can give you advice on the best location.

Expiry Dates

The electrode pads and batteries have a shelf life and making sure these are in date ensures your AED is ready to use. The batteries provide the power to deliver the shock, and the pads connect the patient to the AED. Some new AEDs like the LIFEPAK CR2 have software that can report when these need to be replaced. As electrodes are single use we suggest having a spare set just in case.


We recommend having a designated person who can regularly monitor your AED and expiry dates to ensure they are rescue ready. ResusAid can give you help and guidance in this area too.

If you have any questions please send us an email to info@resusaid.com or call our team on 01634 733846.