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Adult Electrode Pads

Our complete range of adult electrode pads. All of the pads we sell clearly show the models with which they are compatible and also the product’s shelf life.

If you are looking for a particular brand of electrode pad then you may find the filter on the left hand side of the page useful to reduce the number of products displayed.

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  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult Defibrillation Pads

    For use with Cardiac Science’s Powerheart G5 AED range. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult electrode pads are preconnected to save time in an emergency situation. With ease of use in mind the G5 electrode pads are manufactured with large and clear placement instructions, to help save vital seconds during the minutes following a cardiac arrest.

  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult Defibrillation Pads with CPR Device

    The CPR Device, when used with the Powerheart® G5, provides rescuer real-time CPR feedback to ensure effective chest compression rate and depth. No complicated instructions or special preparation required. Using the Intellisense™ CPR Feedback Device is as simple as placing the sensor on the victim’s chest and performing chest compressions.

  • Physio Control Lifepak 1000 Adult Electrodes

    Suitable for adults and young patients over 8 years old or over 55lbs, the Physio-Control edge system electrodes are designed for use in conjunction with the Lifepak 1000 and can also be used with the discontinued Lifepak 500. The adult electrode pads are supplied as a pair in a sealed pack and use skin-friendly hydrogel for maximum adhesion to the skin during defibrillator use.

  • Physio Control QUIK-STEP pacing/ECG/defibrillation electrodes

    We recommend you keep a spare pair of electrode pads in your rescue kit to ensure your device can always be used to save a life. The Paediatric switch on the Lifepak CR2 means these electrodes can be used on both adult and paediatric patients.  Once you have replaced your electrode pads, a new expiry date and status will automatically update on your online AED Management page.

  • ZOLL CPR-D-Padz including First Responder Kit

    One-piece CPR-D-padz®, which contains a pair of electrodes, senses and reports the motion of the chest compressions to the AED Plus®. With a five-year shelf life, the CPR-D-padz electrode has the longest shelf life of any disposable electrode.

    Supplied as a single piece unit, the ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D padz electrodes have a built-in CPR system, making it easier to position on the patient and administer effective treatment. The ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D padz electrodes are self adhesive to form a strong bond to the patient’s chest and are supplied with an essential first responder kit.

  • ZOLL CPR-Uni-Padz

    For use exclusively with the ZOLL AED 3®, CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes have an industry-leading shelf life of five years and can be used on both adult and child patients, so there is no need to maintain two separate sets of pads.

    The ZOLL AED 3 full-colour LCD display includes graphics that coincide with the electrode shapes and colours to support proper pad placement on both adults and children.

    By simply repositioning the pads and activating the Child Mode on the ZOLL AED 3, CPR Uni-padz can be used to treat child patients 8 years of age or younger or under 25 kg (55 lbs.).

    The CPR Uni-padz come complete with a CPR barrier mask, scissors, disposable gloves, a prep razor, a towel, and a moist towelette.