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Aivia 220 LL Cabinet - outdoor use

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The AIVIA 220 is a mains-powered cabinet running on 24V (ELV) and includes controlled heating and ventilation. The AIVIA 220 has a hands-free door-mounted telephone. As standard, it includes a hard-wired telephone module (switched telephone network) which can be replaced by an optional GSM module. This option requires a SIM card.

  • Clear and bold pictograms help any first responder to carry out the rescue process
  • LEDs installed inside the cabinet provide day/night lighting
  • Hands free phone to call the emergency services from the cabinet
  • Internal heating function ensures your defibrillator is stored at optimum temperature
  • IP44 rating
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The AIVIA Protection range comprises five cabinets and a wall unit – the AIVIA S, designed to house any brand of AED. Developed and manufactured in France, AIVIAs meet all current standards (EU and US) and undergo rigorous quality control. All models (except the AIVIA S) have automatic day/night lighting based on light level detection as standard and audible and visual alarms that trip on opening.

Combining robustness with lightness, its modern design comprises two separate parts:

    • An anti-UV-treated, transparent polycarbonate cover.
    • A green ABS base meeting the ISO 3864 international standard associated with emergency colour codes.
    • These materials are widely known in industrial sectors for their excellent impact resistance properties.


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