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ZOLL AED 3 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

The ZOLL AED 3 Semi-automatic external defibrillator is easy to use and gives improved support for rescuers. It has been designed and built upon years of usability research from both untrained and trained first aiders. There is no need to change pads to move from one rescue type to another so no need for separate paediatric pads or a key to change modes, simply push the Child button to switch between rescue types. ZOLL’s novel electrode design for the CPR Uni-padz prevents compromising corrosion for five years. Wi-Fi connectivity to easily manage your suite of devices via the cloud.

Suitable for: Public areas, airports, cruise liners, shopping centres and retail outlets.

On-site Defibrillation and Resuscitation Training Courses are available to purchase separately.

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    The ZOLL AED 3 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator goes beyond the AED Plus, providing an even greater level of guidance to rescuers. The AED 3 ensures infrequent rescuers respond appropriately whilst resuscitating a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. It coaches them quickly and simply through every important step of the rescue process. The CPR Uni-Padz measure the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. The AED immediately tells rescuers how well compressions are being performed and provides graphical and audible prompts that deliver instantaneous feedback, ensuring rescuers can perform the most effective CPR. 6 year warranty (plus two years after warranty registration).

    WiFi-enabled Programme Management Onboard

    • Register your AED 3 online with ZOLL’s PlusTrac AED Programme Management System via computer or mobile device. Then link your AED 3 to your WiFi.
    • Once your AED 3 is cloud-connected, Programme Management Onboard regularly reports current status to PlusTrac as part of every automatic self-test.
    • If your AED3 ever detects a fault, or fails to report on time, PlusTrac lets you know immediately via e-mail.
    • PlusTrac is FREE for the first year with an annual subscription thereafter


    Real time CPR feedback

    • This defibrillator comes equipped with improved Real CPR Help, ZOLL’s real-time CPR feedback technology.
    • High-resolution full-colour graphic images and text accompany all audio prompts for easy understanding of what to do next
    • Real CPR Help that can see your chest compressions during CPR and let you know when you’re doing high-quality CPR
    • On-screen CPR cycle countdown timer to let you know time remaining in this cycle
    • On-screen display of elapsed rescue time and number of shocks delivered for critical information that Emergency Services personnel will need to know on arrival
    • RapidShock Analysis technology enables the shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous life-saving CPR
    • Constant metronome at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute to comply with the latest best practice guidelines
    • Shock delivery 8 seconds after stopping CPR for a more effective shock


    Universal electrode pads

    • Integrated paediatric rescue, universal pad design provides rescuers a single, confident solution to treat both adult and paediatric victims of sudden cardiac arrest by using the same set of
      Universal CPR Uni-Padz for both adults and children, by simply activating child mode with the push of a button
    • When Child Rescue is selected, voice prompts are omitted and device provides only the metronome when it detects compressions
    • Scissors attached to CPR Uni-padz for easy removal of clothing
    Weight2.5 kg
    Dimensions12.7 × 23.6 × 24.7 cm


    Product Details

    Semi Automated, Semi Automatic


    Rectilinear Biphasic

    Battery Type

    Lithium Non-Rechargeable

    Battery Stand-by Life

    5 years

    Battery Capacity

    140 shocks

    Pad Life

    5 years


    802.11 a/b/g/n

    Security Protocols

    WPA Enterprise, WPA Personal, WPA1, WPA2


    USB 2.0

    Device Classification

    Class II

    Operating Temperature

    0 °C to +50 °C

    Storage Temperature

    -30°C to +70°C


    10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

    IP rating