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ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

A straight forward, simple defibrillator with clear, step by step instructions using text, images and voice prompts. Administers a shock at the press of a button. Can easily be used by anyone, from passers-by with no lifesaving experience, rescuers with minimal training, to BLS and medical trained professionals. Easy to place one-piece electrodes providing more time to focus on the rescue. Can be used on children up to 8 years of age, intelligent paediatric capability automatically analyses child’s ECG when paediatric electrodes (pedi padz II) are connected.

Suitable for: Public areas, airports, cruise liners, shopping centres and retail outlets.

On-site Defibrillation and Resuscitation Training Courses are available to purchase separately.

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    The AED Plus is the only AED with Real CPR Help, real-time CPR feedback to help rescuers save a life. Only half of all sudden cardiac arrest victims will need a shock, while 100% will need high-quality CPR. Real CPR Help guides you every step of the way, telling you—and showing you—whether you need to “Push Harder” or whether you’re providing “Good Compressions.” Not all heart rhythms are “shockable,” but high-quality CPR can potentially convert a nonshockable rhythm into one that is shockable. Even if this isn’t possible, CPR will keep blood circulating until emergency help arrives. If a shock is required, CPR must begin immediately after the shock is delivered. The heart struggles as it tries to restore to a normal rhythm. Without CPR, a shock alone may be ineffective. Whether the victim requires a shock—or not—the AED Plus will support you 100% of the time.

    Easy-to-use design

    • The specially designed lid for the AED Plus can be placed under the shoulders of the patient to help maintain an open airway
    • Automated self testing every 24 hours to ensure a constant state of readiness
    • Status indicator clearly displayed on the front of the machine, with a green tick to show all test have been passed


    Clear instructions

    • Supports the UK Resuscitation Council’s entire Chain of Survival, with easy-to-understand audio prompts and illustrations to guide the rescuer through performing CPR to administering a shock, if required
    • Pictorials on the unit support rescuer through each step of treatment


    Real time CPR feedback

    • Provides real time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions using ZOLL’s unique Real CPR Help technology
    • The CPR-D-padz Electrode senses and reports the motion of the chest compressions to the AED Plus
    • Audio and text prompts tell you the quality of your compressions


    Long lasting

    • Once installed, the AED Plus has a low total cost of ownership. Unless used, there is nothing to replace or buy for 5 years
    • Powered by 10 CR123a Lithium batteries with up to five-year standby time
    • 5-year warranty — extended to 7 years when registering online
    Weight3.1 kg
    Dimensions13.3 × 24.1 × 29.2 cm


    Product Details

    Semi Automated, Semi Automatic


    Rectilinear Biphasic

    Battery Type

    Lithium Non-Rechargeable

    Battery Stand-by Life

    5 years

    Battery Capacity

    225 shocks

    Pad Life

    5 years

    Device Classification

    Class II

    Operating Temperature

    0 °C to +50 °C

    Storage Temperature

    -30 °C to +60 °C


    10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

    IP rating